Georgia Republicans Introduce ANOTHER 'Religious Freedom' Right to Discriminate Against LGBT Bill

Georgia Republicans Introduce ANOTHER ‘Religious Freedom’ Right to Discriminate Against LGBT Bill

Georgia Senate Republicans have introduced the 2019 version of a bill they’ve entitled “The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.” 
Republicans say the bill is necessary to protect people whose religious beliefs come into conflict with other viewpoints. 

Republican state Sen. Marty Harbin of Tyrone said Thursday his proposal was drafted to mirror the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed by Congress in 1993 . But of course it doesn’t.

Georgia Equality, said in a news release that Harbin’s legislation “would allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT customers, among others, and would grant taxpayer-funded agencies a broad license to discriminate against LGBT youth, families, and other Georgians.”

House Speaker and fellow Republican David Ralston in January said he was concerned a Georgia version of the federal law “has a real potential to divide us as a state.”

“It’s a much different world than it was in 1993,” Ralston said. He also said he believed the proposals were a “solution in search of a problem.”

“I do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia,” Deal said at the time.

In 2016 when Georgia introduced a similar LGBT discrimination bill companies like Coca-Cola, The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Studios, and the NFL all came out against it and threatened to boycott the state.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the motion picture and television industry is responsible for more than 92,100 jobs and nearly $4.6 billion in total wages in Georgia, including indirect jobs and wages alon

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