LGBT Hate Groups Money Beg Off Jussie Smolett Fake Hate Crime Fiasco

LGBT Hate Group Money Begs Off Jussie Smollett Fake Hate Crime Fiasco

From National Organization for Marriage and World Congress of Family LGBT hate group leader Brian Brown.

“The situation with Jussie Smollett is very unfortunate. It’s deplorable whenever someone makes false charges of discrimination or violence against LGBT individuals. But what’s worse is that the culture, fueled by the media and LGBT advocacy groups, gives massive exposure to these claims.

And even worse than that is when elected officials seek to codify special legal status and rights for gays and lesbians, which can easily be used as a weapon against other Americans, particularly those who hold to traditional biblical views of human sexuality and gender.

NOM will always stand for the truth and fight to protect your rights. We would appreciate your prayers, encouragement and financial assistance.”

Thanks a lot Jussie!

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