Anti-Gay Pastor Who Called PULSE Shooting Victims “Scum” Busted For Using Prostitutes and Gambling

Notorious anti-LGBT Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas who is known for calling Orlando shooting victims at a gay nightclub “scum” in 2016 has been ousted from his Fort Worth church for “sleeping with prostitutes,” marijuana possession and gambling, according to a fellow pastor.

On Wednesday, Romero addressed the Stedfast congregation and said he was leaving the church. The announcement was posted on the church’s YouTube channel.

“I have not been ruling my house well. I have been a terrible husband and father,” Romero said tearfully in the announcement. “I’m the one at fault in this situation. I love Stedfast Baptist Church. I love my family. This is the best decision for my family and this church to make.”

Stedfast church was labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2015. In December 2014, Romero said in a sermon, which was posted on YouTube, that gay people should be “put to death.”

Steadfast Baptist Church also has direct ties and is associated with Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona which is run by anti-LGBT extremist “Pastor” Steven Anderson who achieved Internet  when he said killing gays is God’s way to rid the world of AIDS.

Remember it is always the ones that screech the loudest about their morality that have the biggest dirty secrets to hide.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Pastor Who Called PULSE Shooting Victims “Scum” Busted For Using Prostitutes and Gambling

  1. The same bible that says gays should be killed, also says that those who consort with prostitutes should be put to death.
    I wonder if he’s so keen to conform to Old Testament law now.

  2. Just because a Homophobe calls himself a pastor and he calls a random building a church and the room with homophones are not a congregation! They are just a bunch of homophobes sitting in a room spouting hate! Our community should not justify them by calling them a church, a pastor or the ignorant assholes a congregation. That is their lie! We need to call them out…

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