Florida Man Evicted From Apartment For Being Gay (And He Records It) - VIDEO

Florida Man Evicted From Apartment For Being Gay (And He Records It) – VIDEO

A Jacksonville man Randal Coffman had a rude surprise this Christmas when he found out that his landlady Jackie Cooper was kicking him out of the apartment he rented from her because he is gay.

Coffman had only moved into the apartment on December 1st. Two weeks after that, Cooper told Coffman he wasn’t allowed to have girls over late at night. Coffman responded that this wouldn’t be a problem as he’s gay.

“After that, the harassment for being gay started,” says Coffman.

“My friends have only come maybe 3 times,” said Coffman. “I actually made a guest list of who would come and visit me. I put my mom and dad and actually printed out pictures of everyone’s cars and put them next to their name.

Cooper later came back to Coffman and insisted that he move out. Once he’d heard that, Coffman picked up his phone and started to record the argument.

While  Jacksonville, Florida, does have a Human Rights Ordinance that protects tenants from being evicted due to their sexual orientation it does not extend into Clay County where Coffman’s apartment was located.

There is however hope for Randal Coffman to get some restitution for Cooper’s bigotry. There is a law stating that homeowners can only deny housing to renters working under a month to month agreement, like Coffman, if the landlord gives 15 days notice before the removal date. Cooper notified Coffman short of the 15-day rule.

It must be noted that Randal Coffman’s problem like many others who face bigotry and hate of this kind would never have happened if LGBT protections would finally be added to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  A fight for inclusion that has been going on since 1974

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  1. I think that Florida needs to pass a housing protection law. Truthfully, since the apartment is separate from the house, it could be considered a duplex, not part of her house if there is no shared area. And what goes on inside is NOT the owners business, unless the actions of the tenant are illegal or destructive to the property. Since the tenants parents were apparently on the visitor list, it is doubtful he is the type of person that would willfully damage the property…and those tenants, as long as they consistently pay their rent, are normally considered gold by most landlords.

    1. This moron has you all fooled. Landlord could care less what he does. He refused to provide ID and had multiple issues. He brought up sexual orientation in order to film this video and attempt to get publicity which is exactly what these people are giving him. He is a loser that claimed to have been adopted and kicked out. Now homeless. Suddenly he has parents. Scammer.

  2. Evicted for being JEWISH? No problem in Nazi Germany.
    Evicted for being ROMANI or SINTI? No problem in Nazi Germany.
    Evicted for being GAY? No problem in Nazi Germany.

    But discriminating against members of the LGBT community in right-wing parts of the United States in 2018? Perfectly legal.

      1. Did you even watch the video? Or are you one of those dickheads that reads a headline and comments without all the facts? I’m guessing the latter

  3. Florida shouldn’t be judged by people who don’t live here. Jacksonville is not a huge liberal Mecca . Also people who come here are from the other 49 states , and when their dreams go boom , it’s all the fault of our peninsula?

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