WATCH - Brett Kavanaugh's Full Sniveling Statement Against Abuse Allegations - Video

WATCH – Brett Kavanaugh’s Full Sniveling Statement Against Abuse Allegations – VIDEO

Brett Kavanaugh defended his nomination to the Supreme Court in his opening statement at the Senate Judiciary hearing on Thursday, calling efforts to derail his confirmation process a “grotesque and coordinated character assassination” fueled by people’s hatred of President Donald Trump and funded by left-wing opposition groups. “I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever,” Vaughan said fighting back faux tears and badly timed breaks for water to add dramatic effect.


Watch below.


3 thoughts on “WATCH – Brett Kavanaugh’s Full Sniveling Statement Against Abuse Allegations – VIDEO

  1. I will Disagree with Will Kohler’s assessment. I believe Judge Kavanaugh exhibited his frustration at the treatment he has received.This is not a guy new to the political arena. Judge Kavenaugh has been investigated 6 times by the FBI for various positions including security investigations for the White House.I believe something happened to Dr Ford. I do not think that it was Judge Kavenaugh that did it. After an event like this a person remembers details, How they got home. The address of the house or who’s house the party was held at. The 4 other people Dr Ford stated were there at the party, Have sworn under oath they do not remember the event or the party. I believe that this whole process has been a politically fueled travesty. I watched Dr Ford’s testimony very intently. I believe she has been carefully coached. I am not exited about having Judge Kavenaugh on the court. I am a bit dismayed at the Theater we call a congressional hearing

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