HRC's 2017 990 Tax Forms Show Pres. Chad Griffin Now Makes $500.000.00 A Year

DISGUSTING! – HRC’s 2017 990 Tax Forms Show Pres. Chad Griffin Now Makes Over $500.000.00 A Year

Via San Francisco Gay Activist Michael Petrelis:

The Human Rights Campaign usually publishes its latest IRS 990 filing shortly after filing it with the Treasury Department in mid August, except for this year. It took a week of calling and emailing them to share the filing and today they acceded to my request.

Here’s what’s of keen interest to me from the 2017 filing. HRC had $49.3 million in gross receipts, executive director and LGBTQ Golden Boy Chad Griffin broke the half million salary ceiling and was compensated $502,000 for his services. 15 other executives were paid over $200,000 with two receiving over $300,000, and the organization used the services of eight fundraising firms. 

Have a look at the full 2017 IRS 990 report from HRC and tell me what catches your eye:…/assets/resources/HRC-990-FY18.pdf….

Follow the money!


And you thought the Republican’s were the only overpaid grifters.

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2 thoughts on “DISGUSTING! – HRC’s 2017 990 Tax Forms Show Pres. Chad Griffin Now Makes Over $500.000.00 A Year

  1. Almost 12 million in lobbying expenses? What did that expense achieve? I would like to see that itemized. If you think the executives are overpaid, I bet the lobbyists took double what the executives and officers get. What was the goal of that expense? Was there a piece of legislation being put forward? I have a feeling it would be explained away with a bunch of blustering and throat clearing.

  2. I know the cost of living in DC is high, but really? Unfortunately, HRC remains the most visible and well-recognized LGBT advocacy group, but other than its yellow and blue equal symbol I don’t know what they accomplish on a day-to-day basis. My choice for donations is Lambda Legal which fights the anti-LGBT forces on the front lines.

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