Female Drag Queen Claims Virgin Atlantic Dropped From Pride Advert Because She Was A Woman

Female “Drag Queen” Claims Virgin Atlantic Dropped Her From Pride Advert Because She Was A Woman

Oh here we go again.

A “female drag queen” claims Virgin Atlantic dropped her from a gay pride advertisement  after finding out she was really a woman and not a man in drag.

Lacey McFadyen, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou, says the airline offered her £750 for a spot in a “remake” of the airline’s iconic 2009 TV ad which shows glamorous air hostesses walking through Gatwick Airport.to celebrate sexual diversity.

Days before the shoot Lacey McFadyen, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou was asked for a photograph “without drag make-up” and Lacey presumed it was so they’d recognize “him” when she arrived.

MaFadyen she says that shortly afterwards she received an email saying she had been dropped.

Lacey said: “I was devastated. I had cleared the filming days in my diary. I emailed asking why they had changed their mind. I got no reply. Then they called and admitted they didn’t realize I was a woman and wanted only male drag queens.

“I explained that women work as drag queens. It’s sex discrimination. I did some research and found the other acts chosen were all men.”

A Virgin Atlantic spokesman said that Lacey wasn’t rejected because of her gender, but the final choices were based on “aesthetics, ethnicity, height and performance” and added that the rest of the acts chosen were male, and the shoot wasn’t a “remake” of its famous advert but part of a campaign to celebrate next year’s World Pride with a special service called “Pride Flight” from London to New York.

Recently some biological and transgender women are claiming that that they can indeed be “Drag Queens” which have always traditionally been men dressed extravagantly as woman. 

But the definition of woman dressing in same-sex drag is called a Faux queen, bio queen, diva queen or female queen and is a female performance artist who adopts the style typical of male drag queens and there is already an existing tradition of this

A faux queen may be jocularly described as “a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body”. Other descriptions include “biologically-challenged” drag queen, “female female impersonator”, or “female impersonator impersonator”.

Can a woman be a Drag Queen?  Or is it Drag Queen appropriation?

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  1. The men who put on dresses as political protest, when you could get arrested for it, cleared the way for decades of political change for the rest of the gay community.

    Those were men, not transgender anything, just boys in frocks, making political statements.

    “Gay politics” was born because of a San Francisco “drag queen” being the first openly homosexual man to run for public office, the first time in the country. That was Jose Sarria, in November 1961. He drew 9,000 votes, enough to prove that a “gay voting bloc” existed. This “drag queen” advised Harvey Milk on his [eventually] successful run for public office. (Jose also brokered the first uniforms for the first openly lesbian and gay marching band in the world. He told the story constantly. Good story.)

    This “drag queen” who ran for office? He formed the San Francisco “Imperial Court” (of drag queens) that would do charity work and political organizing from 1965 to this day. He decreed his “drag persona” would be the widow of a San Francisco weird icon, Emperor Norton, who lived in Mark Twain’s time and declared himself Emperor of the United States and Protectorate of Mexico. The drag name? Empress Norton. Or, The Widow Norton.

    We owe a lot to these people. They are fundraising every year for charities and having a great time at it.

    If this conversation is about a fun show with dresses and big makeup, let the women in.

    If it’s about the history of the drag movement, which is men taking risks for dressing up like women to make political points using gender-fuck as the tool (that’s the term), it might be worth asking the Imperial Court for their opinion or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

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