Dean Cain Slams "Intolerant' Gays For Being Offended At FRC Hate Group Event

Actor Dean Cain Slams “Intolerant’ Gays For Being Offended For His Speaking At FRC Hate Group Event – VIDEO

Friday at the anti-gay Family Research Council run Values Voter Summit, “actor”  Dean Cain blasted gays and Twitter users who objected to the fact that he, who constantly says he is pro-LGBT rights would be appearing before the arch-conservative hate group.

Asked the moderator of Cain’s panel: “Have you taken pressure on Twitter on Instagram — and I know the answer to this question but I want to hear you say it anyway.”

Replied Cain:

“Yesssss. Certainly. I take that sort of heat and abuse every single day but it doesn’t bother me in the least…it doesn’t make me mad, it just shows people’s intolerance towards listening to another opinion. Just the fact that I’m here, just the fact that I’m here people were blowing me up all day long with the most ridiculous things that you could ever here. Talk about intolerance. It’s ridiculous. I take heat. It doesn’t bother me, I welcome it, because I sleep well at night. I know I’m doing something that matches my convictions and my heart and I’ll happily defend the things that I say and I stand for.”

Pressure on Twitter. Oh, my. The pain of it all.

Feel free to exercise your Constitutional First Amendment rights. And then let folks exercise theirs. And feel free to complain about them as they exercise their rights. But, if you think you don’t pay a price for the association with the Family Research Council, you’re wrong.

 Don’t pretend you’re an ally; that’s our decision to make, and you aren’t.


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1 thought on “Actor Dean Cain Slams “Intolerant’ Gays For Being Offended For His Speaking At FRC Hate Group Event – VIDEO

  1. Well Dean Cain has never been called a “Brain Trust”. His acting abilities are well demonstrated in the 2-3 Hallmark movies he makes a year! I truly do not believe Dean Cain has the “Grey Cells” to formulate an opinion on LGBT rights that his publicist didn’t give him. I think some of these actors and actresses believe that the names of these groups is what they really are. They don’t look into the histories or use Google. It is unfortunate that some of these “B” grade actors don’t use the modicum of celebrity they posses to actually do something positive. Look at the track record of the other “Hallmark ” movies Stars.

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