Social Justice Warriors Accuse Bette Midler of Homophobia. OY GAVALT!

Social Justice Warriors are accusing Bette Midler is being homophobic after the long-time ally and Divine Miss M posted a tweet yesterday about US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘Trump and Putin are meeting in Finland next month,’ she wrote.

‘That’s a long way to travel for a blowjob, but hey — Putin’s got the money.’

Well that just shocked, shocked I say those within our community that are so “woke” it must be exhausting.

Bette has not responded to the “faux” uber-pc outrage.

But we have.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors Accuse Bette Midler of Homophobia. OY GAVALT!

  1. In some cases using the insinuation of gay sex as an insult can be politically incorrect. But here I think it’s funny. What makes it funny is that the two men involved are SOOO anti-gay and homophobic themselves that to insinuate that DT would be PAID to give a BJ to Vlad, well, it’s hilarious. And look, it’s coming from Bette Midler. As far as Bette, she’s just a fantastic ally and friend to the community. Some of these millennials or whatever get their shorts in a bunch over the littlest things.

    1. Completely agree – Bette is awesome and the butthurt folks complaining really need to get a life because they are offended by everything these days – they need to grow up and understand humor for what it is.

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