Mike Pence's Speech In Columbus OH, Disrupted By Immigration Protesters and Dancing Queens

Mike Pence’s Speech In Columbus OH, Disrupted By Immigration Protesters and Dancing Queens

Via ABC News

Vice President Mike Pence came to Columbus Friday for a speech on the Republican tax reforms but was repeatedly heckled by protesters in the crowd. The event was part of a victory lap tour for the White House organized by America First Policies, a group created by allies of President Trump to promote his agenda.

The speech in Columbus was the 15th of its kind since February according to organizers with America First Policies. The vice president was interrupted six times by protesters upset about the White House’s immigration policy taking children away from their parents after crossing the border and Pence’s views on homosexuality.

Pence spoke in front of a crowd of a couple hundred people at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Columbus. The protests started just moments into his speech. One by one each one was escorted out by police or security. Pence largely ignored them and stuck to his prepared remarks.

Meanwhile outside the venue the “Welcome Mike Pence: Big LGBTQ Dance Party” was organized by Jay Smith. “We decided to go with the dance party because it’s fun, it’s a loving event. When people dance they’re happy,” Smith said. “We want to demonstrate for the LGBT community, especially those struggling with their gender identity or sexual orientation, that while this administration doesn’t have their back, we have their back and that we’re going to be fighting for them every day.”

“The LGBTQ scene here is very strong, and very much supported by the city, from the mayor down,” Sable Coate, one of the drag queens co-hosting the event added. “It’s funny because, I always tell my friends in other cities: you can’t believe how gay Columbus, Ohio, is until you’ve been there to experience it!. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he chose to come to Columbus during Pride Weekend. We have to show them we’re here in peace, we’re here in happiness, we’re here to celebrate, but we don’t agree with your choices regarding our community and all we want as Americans is equality.”

Whatever happened to the good old angry LGBT protests that actually did some good and wasn’t embarrassing?

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  1. Frankly living in and growing up in Columbus Ohio I think this should have been a hell of a lot more vocal and not just a kick line drag show. Interrupting him inside would have been a lot more effective just like the folks on immigration. At least he would have heard it. Outside I am sure they shielded him from knowing what was even going on

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