Four Gay Men Chased By Anti-Gay Mob After Utah PRIDE

Four Gay Men Chased By Anti-Gay Mob After Utah PRIDE

A mob of homophobic bigots chased four men gay men leaving Utah Pride, hurling anti-gay slurs at them and attacking a man who tried to intervene on their behalf.

A group estimated to be of about 15 and 20 men chased four gay men leaving Pride,Utah on Saturday night, to the Doki Doki dessert shop, where employee Terrance Mannery tried to hold off the angry mob after learning what was happening.

Jen Parsons-Soren, who had attended Pride said she heard the group yelling homophobic slurs; Salt Lake City police also have also confirmed that the group was shouting slurs.

“Based on the actions the group was making, based on everything the gentlemen who came in had told me — if I allowed anyone in the store, they would try to cause harm to people,” Mannery told The Salt Lake Tribune

Mannery said he couldn’t see how many people were hitting him; but he got punched at least seven times. Mannery did not suffer any dangerous injuries.

“It felt like they were trying to pull me out so they could all jump on, but I was trying to push them out, so that actually worked in my favor,” he said.

Inside the shop, customers, staff and the four men chased there by the crowd watched helplessly.

A woman outside the shop tried to break up the crowd as Mannery kept fighting. Finally, a security guard from a neighboring building approached, and the mob ran away.

News of the attack has shocked Salt Lake City’s LGBT community. The Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce said Tuesday it was offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and prosecution

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