Trans-Activist Demand Boycott Of Matt Bomer's Upcoming Movie "Anything" - FULL Trailer

Trans-Activist Demand Boycott Of Matt Bomer’s Upcoming Movie “Anything” – FULL Trailer

Trans-activist are up in arms over Matt Bomer’s newest film, Anything, in which he plays Freda Von Rhenburg, a trans woman who’s also a sex worker.

Based on a play of the same name, the film follows a suicidal widower (John Carroll Lynch) who moves to Los Angeles and forms an unlikely friendship with a transgender sex worker (Matt Bomer).

Trans Narratives, an organization that helps trans people to share their stories, has now called for a boycott

An admin of the page wrote:: “As a trans woman, I know from personal experience that many gay men believe that trans women are really gay men who refuse to deal with being gay men. I’ve been told this to my face. “So perhaps the gay men who insist on ‘gay-splaining’ that Matt Bomer should be playing a trans woman just can’t get over the notion that trans women are in fact women, not gay men.”

Jen Richards a trans-actress alleges that she was told that she doesn’t look transgender enough to play a transgender person on film. (Although according to producer- Mark Ruffalo- no one auditioned for the part- he had just worked with Bomer and offered him the part first.)

“They said you don’t look trans enough,” my agent told me over the phone, “What the hell does that mean?”

I laughed. I was finally joining the club that included my friends Angelica Ross, Trace Lysette, Rain Valdez, Jamie Clayton, and Alexandra Grey.

“It means that they want the audience to know the character is trans just by looking at her,” I explained, “And in their mind that means a guy in a wig.”

“Dear @MarkRuffalo & @MattBomer: if you release this movie, it will directly lead to violence against already at risk women,” she added.

But many don’t agree with the boycott:

“What people never seem to understand re: issues like this is that audiences will go to see Matt Bomer in a role like this rather than an unknown transgender actor or actress.” Said one commenter.  “No studio is going to shell out millions of dollars to make a film that that will tank because no one will see it. Are they protesting to keep people from seeing the film? If so, they’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces. America is still adjusting to the idea of transgender people, it’s films like this that will slowly clear the way for real transgender actors to finally he recognized.”

You can watch the trailer for Anything below and sound off in the comments with your own opinions.


6 thoughts on “Trans-Activist Demand Boycott Of Matt Bomer’s Upcoming Movie “Anything” – FULL Trailer

  1. When will these Trans activists realize they are not the be all and end all in the LGB ?T “Community”. Seriously I look forward to seeing this movie. I also believe that when you get actors and actress’s of the caliber in movies. Specially movies with a story line this topical and cutting edge. Whoever that “anonymous” Admin is should realize that this is the “BEST” way to get the message out. Even if you do not agree with or like the presentation, it will attract attention to the issues.

  2. “LGBT” was and is a fake construct. It did not exist prior to the 1990s. LGB and T are 2 different groups, defined differently, and demarcated by different criteria. Lumping them together and proclaiming them not allies but a single “people,” was an act of ideological fiat and a fraud.

    As for the boycott of this film, it continues the consistent pattern by trans activists of attacking every artist or creator who gets involved with trans-related projects. They have gone after the creators of Boys Don’t Cry, Paris Is Burning, Transparent, Texas Buyers Club, Transamerica, and now this film. (Most appallingly, also they tried to wreck the recent movie about Stonewall, an event in gay history which had barely any transgender involvement. Their gripe was that the movie did not present a false version of history, which “centered” transgenderism.)

    The lesson for Hollywood is obvious: stay away from trans-related projects. There is no profit it targeting a tiny, perpetually angry demographic.

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