Arkansas State House Representative Candidate Justin Jones: "Fags Are Disgusting"

Arkansas State House Representative Candidate Justin Jones: “Fags Are Disgusting” *UPDATED*

A Libertarian Party (ie Republican in disguise) candidate for state representative is being asked to “immediately abandon” his campaign after he made homophobic Facebook comments saying “fags are disgusting” and linking homosexuality to HIV.

Justin Jones, running for District 87 in northwest Arkansas, made the comments using his personal Facebook account in response to a Hawaii woman’s post about her gay friend being unable to donate blood.

Myah Baeza, whose personal political beliefs range from Republican to Libertarian, wrote: “”This is such an antiquated rule and it disgusts me. Women can have AIDS, too, and they search for it anyways?”

“Knowing that my gay friends can’t give blood, that has always not sat well with me,” Baeza told NBC affiliate KARK in an interview on Monday.

But Jones responded to her post, writing: The likelihood of a fag catching HIV is 1000% more likely than any straight person.”

“Why in God’s name would you say that?” Baeza wrote back.

“Because it’s true,” Jones replied.

The Benton County Libertarian Party disavowed Jones’ remarks and calling on him to drop out of the race.

“Mr. Jones was until very recently a Republican supporter and candidate. He came to the Libertarian Party, as have many others, because of his dissatisfaction with their failed policies and actions. The bigotry he brought with him, however, is certainly not welcome and will not be tolerated by the Benton County Libertarian Party, the Libertarian Party of Arkansas, or the national Libertarian Party; nor should it be tolerated by any decent person of any political party,” Michael Kalagias, the county party chair said in a statement.

But Jones will not drop out

“In response to the backlash caused by the media, it has been brought to my attention that I should suspend my campaign,” Jones wrote in a statement posted to his website. “After a phone call with the Chair of the Benton County Libertarian Party, Michael J. Kalagias, I informed him, that I will continue my candidacy for State Representative. My candidacy is about the people of Elm Springs, Siloam Springs, Springdale, and Tontitown. My campaign will continue to fight on the behalf of District 87. I would like to thank everyone for their support in my growing campaign.”

As for Baeza, she’s since blocked Jones on Facebook, meaning she no longer has to associate with him. But that said, she still feels his comments were inappropriate.

You can go to Justin Jones Facebook page by clicking HERE.

You know what to do.


*UPDATED – 6.23 pm:


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