WATCH: The Last Known Footage of Joan Crawford Filmed In 1974 (Video)

This is the last known footage of Joan Crawford filmed at The Rainbow Room in New York City on September 23, 1974. Three years later Joan Crawford died of a heart attack at the age of 72.

The film is very grainy and its amazing that it ever got transferred to video and then uploaded at all.

Mid-way the audio kicks out for a minute but keep watching.  It all has a very disturbing sort of Sunset Blvd. type of vibe.


Will Kohler

Will Kohler is a noted LGBT historian, journalist and owner of Back2Stonewall.com. A longtime gay activist, Will fought on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic with ACT-UP and continues fighting today for LGBT acceptance and full equality. Will’s work has been referenced in notable media venues as MSNBC and BBC News, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Hollywood Reporter, and Raw Story,

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: The Last Known Footage of Joan Crawford Filmed In 1974 (Video)”

  1. She looked fabulous, but there’s something sad and melancholy about it, knowing where her life was at that time, just a few years before her death. She was only in her 60’s here (about a decade older than Madonna is today) and she seems to be winding down at such a relatively young age. I guess I didn’t realize she was only 71 when she died. She could have gone on for another decade or two, a la Jane Fonda. Times sure have changed. Fascinating video!

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