French Fascist Leader Marion Le Pen Spews LGBT Hate At CPAC [VIDEO]

Fascist French politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen spoke from the main stage at CPAC this afternoon, promoting the traditional Catholic values of her country in the face of increased immigration and Islamic culture. She told the audience, “France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam — and the terrorism is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Le Pen went on to rant against LGBT rights, saying, “We do not want this atomized world of individuals without gender, without mother, without father, without nation.” And compared Brexit and the French anti-gay hate group La Manif Pour Tous with the election of Trump, citing all three as examples of the global rise of the right.

She then said this to loud cheers: “I want America First for the American people, Britain First for the British people, and France First for the French people.”

Maréchal-Le Pen is the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the far-right National Front.

Hate doesn’t run it the Le Pen family. It fucking gallops.

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