Gay Candidate Barred From Running For Office By Alabama GOP

Gay Candidate Barred From Running For Office By Alabama GOP

Jason White, a gay businessman and one-time police officer who is married to another man told the News-Courier of Athens that members of the Limestone County Republican Executive Committee voted Tuesday to deny his bid for sheriff in a decision he believes is linked to the fact he is gay. “I think it is obvious,” he said.

A former Athens police officer, White qualified to run for Limestone County sheriff in 2002 but lost in the primary. White said all he had to do to qualify as a candidate then was complete qualifying papers and pay a qualifying fee.

White, was married to a woman at the time.

When he filled out his form to run on the Republican ticket White stated that  questions included whether candidates have ever voted for a Democrat; if they believe “in the traditional definition of marriage;” and if they were “committed to protecting life at all ages.”

Before the vote Tuesday, White said members of the county committee asked whether he voted for Donald Trump for president.

“I said, ‘No. White said. “You’d think I had stabbed them.”

Noah Wahl, chairman of the county GOP executive committee, declined comment on the committee’s reason for denying White’s candidacy.

Later that week Wahl called him to say about two-thirds of the 34-person committee had voted against letting him run, White said.

“I’m disappointed, but I’m not deterred,” said White

White, said he now plans to run for sheriff as an independent, and Republicans must find another by Feb. 9th

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  1. The litmus test they employed must be unconstitutional and illegal. There is no requirement for a person to vote along party lines. BUT…Why a gay man would even think he would be welcome in today’s republican party is beyond me. That’s like asking the local evangelical church to bless his same sex marriage.

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