#GayGeek – San Diego Group Finally Wins Rights to“Comic Con” in Trademark Battle


Via Forbes:

In a written statement to Courthouse News, Bjurstrom and San Diego Comic Convention’s chief communications and strategy officer David Glanzer said “from the beginning all that we asked of the defendants was to stop using our Comic-Con trademarks.”

Their statement continued: “San Diego Comic Convention has used the Comic-Con trademarks in connection with our comics and popular arts conventions for almost 50 years. We have invested substantial time, talent and resources in our brand resulting in world-wide recognition of the Comic-Con convention held annually in San Diego. The jury today upheld San Diego Comic Convention’s trademarks as valid. The jury also found that Dan Farr Productions, Daniel Farr and Bryan Brandenburg each infringed San Diego Comic Convention’s marks. San Diego Comic Convention respects the decision of the jury.”

Following the verdict, Salt Lake Comic Con attorney Michael Katz of Maschoff Brennan said they were disappointed by the verdict and believed “we put on case which would support that comic con is generic.”

He said it “seemed like the jury came to some kind of compromise” since they found Salt Lake Comic Con had infringed the trademark but only awarded $20,000 of the $12 million San Diego Comic-Con asked for.

And supporters of the Salt Lake City event took to Twitter and social media after the verdict, rallying around their convention with the hashtag #IStandWithSLCC.

More than more than 140 other “comic cons” are held around the country, which are using the trademark without the San Diego company’s permission including Wizard World one of its largest imitators. 

San Diego Comic-Con’s attorney Callie Bjurstrom  stated that other trademark infringement claims are to follow.

 San Diego Comic-Con has the “right to decide who to pursue and when” but that it was pursuing “the worst offenders first.”

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