Gay Australian Politician Proposes To Partner During Same-Sex Marriage Debate – VIDEO


Via the Telegraph:

Tim Wilson, a Liberal MP, fought back tears as he turned to the public gallery during a speech on the same-sex marriage debate and faced his long-term partner, saying: “There’s only one thing left to do; Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?”

Mr Bolger broke into a broad smile and mouthed the word “yes”, before MPs from all sides broke into applause.

“We’ll chuck [put] that in the memoirs and in Hansard,” said Mr Wilson, who has been engaged to Mr Bolger for nine years.

Rob Mitchell, the deputy speaker, congratulated the couple and told the chamber: “We should let Hansard note to record that was a ‘yes’, a resounding ‘yes’.”

Mr. Wilson’s proposal  yo his partner comes following a national vote which found that 62 per cent of people supported the change and 38 per cent were against.

Legislation was last week passed by the Senate, or Upper House, leaving it to the House of Representatives to finally endorse the move.

Australia prepares to legalize same sex marriage this week.


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