Fire Island Manager Sued by Former Employees Over “Sexual Harassment”. But……..


Two twenty-two year old men Joe Rapuano-Novella and Dylan Pace ,are suing the umbrella company Outpost Pines which owns several entertainment and food venues at the gay resort on Fire Island.

Rapuano-Novella and Pace are suing their former manager Mario Priola and owner PJ McAteer for sexual harassment and assault.

The NY Post reports:

He and Pace interviewed in March 2016 for jobs at “The Pines,” an enclave of bars and restaurants which cater primarily to the LGBTQ community, according to their Brooklyn federal court filing.

Rapuano-Novella was “hired on the spot” via Skype during a bizarre interview in which Priola asked him to take off his shirt, the suit says. Pace, a Long Island resident, was asked to report for his interview to Priola’s hot tub on the island, the suit alleges.

Before Rapuano-Novella even got to Fire Island, Priola, who was twice his age, allegedly sent him “inappropriate texts,” noting in one that “you’re perfect” and asking for explicit photos, the suit says.

Rapuano-Novella charges in the suit that Priola repeatedly asked him to sleep over and “groped his penis.”

In addition, Rapuano-Novella claims he was forced to promote live sex shows, which was never discussed as a part of his job description prior to starting employment. (That is a new one on me.)

Wrote Rapuano-Novella on Facebook:

I haven’t yet come forward with my #metoo story because I was waiting for the right moment. A lot of people know I worked on Fire Island last year. My time on the island was abruptly cut short when a series of dark harassments and assaults at the hands of my boss drove me from the place.

So lets get this straight. Well as much as we can.

“Rapuano-Novella was “hired on the spot” via Skype during a interview in which Priola asked him to take off his shirt”  But he still continued wanting the job.

Priola, sent him “inappropriate texts,” noting in one that “you’re perfect” and asking for explicit photos.” BEFORE the job started. But RN still wanted the job.

He was told to “Report to Priola’s hot tub on the island foe his interview.”  And went and still took the job.

Now these are some seriously major red flags Rapuano-Novell  should have noticed.

Look sexual harassment and abuse is a serious problem.  But suddenly the floodgates are open and all kinds of accusations are spilling forth.  Some true and some perhaps not so true.  But with both Rapuano-Novella and Pace being 22 years old and all the warnings that were had before they started the job.  Something just does not seem quite right.

Now I am not saying they are lying or telling the truth.  I am just saying we must all be careful.

As for the live sex shows on Fire Island?   Anyone got the address?






3 thoughts on “Fire Island Manager Sued by Former Employees Over “Sexual Harassment”. But……..

  1. Well said…..come on, you go through all the “Steps” and then cry wolf? No, not buying it. You knew what you were getting into from the skype interview. This desperate “kardasian” need for attention really needs to stop. Grow up and act like a man….
    Promote live sex shows? Where? The meat rack??

  2. I believe we are caught up in another PC witch hunt. I am not saying sexual harassment doesn’t exist. I am sure there are some real and serious cases of it. However the definition by Federal statute is so vaguely written. The subsequent interpretations by various groups could mean a Handshake or pat on the back. Could constitute sexual harassment!

    The EEOC defines the offense as follows:

    “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

    The thing on Fire Island is two guys smelling blood in the water and looking for a payday. I believe the same thing for the guy accusing George Takei. Making allegations from 40 years ago! Another one is Heather Unruh and her son. This is a woman with issues to start with. She claimed she got fired from WCVB-Boston cause she wouldn’t dress sexier on air. Actually she just “s*cked*! Her 18yo son is out drinking in a notoriously “friendly” bar on Nantucket. He met Kevin Spacey…and was supposedly groped. He was drinking before he met up with Mr. Spacey. Seriously is the boy that naive that he couldn’t handle it? Does Mommy still cut up his meat too!

    So if someone can explain this to me before the PC police come knocking at my door. I did manage and Bartend at a Gay Bar in Boston 20 years ago and I was always groping my barbacks and them me.


    1. “It was ok 20 yrs ago, what’s wrong with everyone??” Really? That’s the best you can come up with?? We called Blacks by another name then too, is that “still ok”? Times change, behaviors change. The thing about Sexual Harassment is YOU don’t get to decide what is and isn’t, that’s the victim’s right. If my boss touches me ANYWHERE that doesn’t feel comfortable, why should I bite my tongue and “deal with it” versus saying “Excuse me, I didn’t give you permission to touch me in that manner. Please stop.” I swear you apologists will come up with anything to make predatory behavior acceptable. It’s not. It wasn’t then and it’s not now. The only difference is now we’ve empowered the people who ARE being mistreated to come forward and end the behavior as well as sending people like this running for the shadows.

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