Trump Administration’s DOJ To Argue On Behalf Of Anti-Gay Baker Before Supreme Court


U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco of The Department of Justice  submitted a motion for argument time to the high court on Wednesday in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Commission on Civil Rights  in support of a Colorado baker who refused on religious grounds to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The National Law Journal reported in September that the Justice Department was internally divided over whether to participate at all in the case. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, overcoming objections, directed the filing of the amicus brief, according to lawyers with knowledge of the decision.

In its motion for argument time, Francisco told the justices: “As a general matter, the United States has a substantial interest in the preservation of federal constitutional rights of free expression. In addition, the United States has a particular interest in the scope of such rights in the context of the Colorado statute here, which shares certain features with federal public accommodations laws, including Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Senators during Francisco’s confirmation process questioned his remarks at a Heritage Foundation event in which he spotlighted the plaintiffs in big social cases against the Obama administration. He noted plaintiffs challenging the Affordable Care Act included a group of nuns, Catholic Charities and “inner city” Catholic schools.

“On marriage,” Francisco said in the Heritage speech, “[we] need to do the same. Focus on the florist, on the baker, the sincere small businessmen under attack.”

3 thoughts on “Trump Administration’s DOJ To Argue On Behalf Of Anti-Gay Baker Before Supreme Court

  1. This jackass attorney should get the dog poo pie version of the Anita Bryant treatment.

    And I hope Sessions strains so hard from constipation on the toilet tonight that his eyes bug out and keels over dead from the exertion and is found a cadaver with a B.M. half way out of his puckered old butthole.

  2. Mr Sessions would be happy to turn back the clock on civil rights. Left to him there would be no affirmative action and Black People would be riding only in the back of the bus.He is a neanderthal. His knuckle dragging deputies have furthered Mr Sessions agenda of hate and bigotry by even commenting on this case.By requesting time instead of submitting an Amicus Brief as other administrations have done on cases in front of the Supremes. They put the face of the Administration on the opposition. I wonder if Mr Trump and his Merry Men realize the legacy of hate and bigotry their Grandchildren will live with all thanks to him.

  3. Of course the Strumpettes DO NOT care.. They’re as backwards anti-EVERYTHING! ! They want to go back to the ’50’s- the 1750’s that is,when only white,supposedly hetero, married, WASPy, “christian” slave owning/land holders controlled. And the Strumpettes could care less about their legacy cause they think the End of the WOrld is coming-well yes it is-with Mr.DJT trying to Twitter the US into a NUCLEAR war with N.Korea /China /Russia & Iran, the Earth may blown to smithereens within the next 3+ years. So these assholes DO NOT care. They think it’s their last stand and a guaranteed entry to heaven. Imagine the shock when God rejects ALL of their heinous,war mongering UN-christians asses and sends them to where ever!!! Serves all of right. And Mike Pence is worse than Trump,so he’s got to go also!! Along with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell !! They all
    deserve life with out parole in Federal PRISON!!!

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