Soft Cell’s Marc Almond: ‘I hate the LGBT thing. There’s no gay community anymore’


Marc Almond the iconic gay singer-songwriter and musician synthpop/new wave duo Soft Cell in an interview with The Scotland Herald talks about his career, personal life, and thoughts about how the gay community is broken by LGBT compartmentalization.

[In the 1970’s] “We were together. There was more of a shared experience. The community was more unified and it was us against the world. We had this camaraderie, this anti-establishment force, this secretive, clandestine world which was exciting.

“And even though homosexuality was legal, it was in name only. We were still made to feel like outlaws and as such we’d meet in secret places. And this all added to the feeling we had something to overcome, to strive for, barriers to break down.

“But now I feel [gay] people are very divided. I hate the way the LGBT thing has emerged. It separates.”

He adds, clearly riding hard on a favorite hobby horse, “I hate the fact sections have appeared, for example the transgender community, the lesbians, all divided. I don’t think there is such a thing as a gay community anymore.”


3 thoughts on “Soft Cell’s Marc Almond: ‘I hate the LGBT thing. There’s no gay community anymore’

  1. i agree I’m 54 I’m gay I’m HIV positive,there is no community spare it ,in the past ive been attacked bye members of the gay community because I’m HIV positive its 2017 for god sake,but then again I’m living in Belfast ……say no more

    1. Oh William, I just read your post. I am so sorry to hear you have to suffer like this. I am 66yrs. of age. I fought for our rights and I must say I agree with this article. My friends and I were just talking about this. Nothing got accomplished. Nothing has changed. It too, was all lies. We are still being labeled for how we live our lives! Take care my friend, God Bless.

  2. if ou guys that live in country with laws and have the chance to speack up and go to parade and pride events and push the politicians for legal changes.
    what can i say from a country with no Gay rights or LGBT organizations independent from goberment? i guess i should kill my self or run away from another planet?

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