Closet Case History – 12/15/2010: Kevin Spacey: It’s “Bullying” To Ask If I Am Gay “I Don’t Live A Lie”

Back in 2010 Kevin Sessums of the Daily Beast interviewed Kevin “I was only walking my dog through that notorious London gay cruising spot when I was bashed” Spacey about rumors he is gay.

We at picked up on the story and posted it.  Many in the LGBT media and the entertainment world have known for decades that Spacey was a closet case and many also knew that he had a taste for twinks but no one would report it except for a few like Sessums and myself. There’s this new site that can let you bet online and let you win real prizes, visit mobilnett casino.

Below in our post about Spacey and his closet in its eternity from December of 2010

Spacey says he never discusses it (if he is gay) because he “(has) not given up (his) right to privacy.” and goes on to calls those who condemn the bullying of gay teens hypocrites for not also condemning the outing of celebrities. (Because we all know closet-case celebrity suicide is at an all time high right Kevin?)

“I think what we have seen in terms of gay teenagers committing suicide because of bullying is anguishing. I think young people, if they are feeling like they are confused, need to know that there are people to talk to and that there are places they can go and not feel alone. But I feel that they have just as many rights as I do to not be bullied. And I don’t understand people who say, ‘Well, this is a terrible thing that is happening to this young person whose life is being exposed,’ and then turn around and do it to another person. People have different reasons for the way they live their lives. You cannot put everyone’s reasons in the same box. It’s just a line I’ve never crossed and never will.”

…..why is it in this country that kids might think it’s okay to bully and make fun of somebody? I’ll tell you why, because what do they see in the media happening all the time? In the media they seem to think that’s okay. So if we stop using sexuality as a weapon against people maybe everyone will eventually get cool with it.”

…..”I don’t live a lie. You have to understand that people who choose not to discuss their personal lives are not living a lie. That is a presumption that people jump to,” he tells Sessums. “I am different than some people would like me to be. I just don’t buy into that the personal can be political. I just think that’s horseshit. No one’s personal life is in the public interest. It’s gossip, bottom line. End of story. Now some people feed that. They’ll go to the trendy restaurants where all the photographers are and then bitch about being famous. But if you don’t want to feed that and you want your life to be based around what your work is then it ends there.”

Celebrities who make such a big deal out of NOT saying they’re gay are feeding both bullies and suicidal teenagers because if even THEY can’t admit it (when everybody knows anyway *cough* Queen Latifah *cough*, they are alluding that it is shameful to be gay and something really bad. 

Lets be honest here Kevin Spacey is no longer a “hot commodity”celebrity — but  he does make his living by standing up in front of people and giving up his “privacy”.  Add to that the fact that he is far from the dashing romantic leading man and millions of girls will not be “destroyed” and his career of playing a hetro love interest would be ruined if he actually had some balls and said straight out that “I’m Gay”,  its really kind of hard to take the “career privacy angle” seriously.   And playing this game does nothing more than paint him as one of world’s most obvious closet cases and someone who is truly ashamed of his sexuality.

Coming out is not “bullshit” as you say Spacey.

“Gay people, we will not win our rights by staying silently in our closets…

We are coming out. We are coming out to fight the lies, the myths, the distortions. We are coming out to tell the truths about gays, for I am tired of the conspiracy of silence, so I’m going to talk about it. And I want you to talk about it. You must come out. Come out to your parents, your relatives.” – Harvey Milk

So suck on that the next time you walk your dog at 3:00am on Hampstead Heath.


UPDATED: 10/30/2017

2 thoughts on “Closet Case History – 12/15/2010: Kevin Spacey: It’s “Bullying” To Ask If I Am Gay “I Don’t Live A Lie”

  1. I respectfully and totally disagree with you on this one Will. But I still like you. Coming out, or not coming out, is a personal decision, not political. Who am I to tell someone what they 'must do' with their lives. Yes, it would be nice if there was no such thing as coming out but we shouldn't demand someone come out.

    I bet there's a % of teen suicides that are a direct result of dealing with the pressure of coming out. What do you think about the possibility that until the stigma of being gay is no longer with us, that it may be best for those whose cognitive or emotional development is lacking stay in the closet until they are able to deal with it?

  2. Kevin Spacey is a 55 year old man who is staying in the closet because he thinks it would hurt his career. It has nothing to do with cognitive or emotion it has to do with self loating and greed.

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