Gay Bar Owner In Key West Takes Care Of Hundreds of Residents After Hurricane Irma

After 25 years in Key West, Jim Gilleran knows residents need a cold beer, a hot meal and a place to reconnect after a hurricane. While most bars and restaurants remain shuttered on Duval Street, Gilleran opened his 801 Bar hours after Hurricane Irma smashed past the island. He’s kept his generator operating since, serving nearly 700-800 free meals a day.

On Thursday, the bar stools were packed with sweaty, unshowered, hungry residents anticipating a steak lunch while staff gave out bags of donated food and toiletries. “Honey, you need anything?” asked a worker carrying a basket of facial wipes, toothpaste and tampons.

aid on the day civilization slowly crept back into Key West, or at least as much as this idiosyncratic city at the very southern tip of the U.S. will allow. –  The Palm Beach Post

Take that Joel (Fucking Grifter) Osteen and so called loving Christians who have done nothing.

I love my people.

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  1. Joel Osteen was having breakfast in Beverly Hills with Kirk Cameron when Harvey hit. Then went to his 300.00 hair cut appointment and suit fitting at Armani so he was unreachable and unaware of what was going on in Texas. Of course he would have opened his church to the refugee’s after their credit check and once their donations cleared the bank. Afterall that would be the “Christian” thing to do.

    Do you really think these “GOOD CHRISTIANS” would help out in a bastion of “SODOM”?

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