Facebook Censors San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society Over Folsom Street Fair Ad

On Friday, Facebook rejected  an ad (pictured above) from the GLBT Historical Society seeking volunteers for the Folsom Street Fair (FSF) held in September, that caps San Francisco’s “Leather Pride Week “as being too “graphic”

The GLBT Historical Society 

Censored by Facebook: When we tried to purchase a Facebook ad today soliciting volunteers for the Folsom Street Fair, we were rejected outright. We’re posting the graphic here so our supporters can see it for themselves.

According to the automated reply from Facebook, we can’t use this image for advertising because it features “excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content. Facebook does not allow images that depict people in explicit or suggestive positions, or images that show nudity or cleavage….”

Our executive director, Terry Beswick, responded by submitting an appeal with the following comment: “This is an ad for a world famous street fair and charity event. There is no sex in this ad. Blocking this ad is absurd and discriminatory. Are we living in the 1800s?”

How can you help us overcome this suppression of our queer-positive, kink-friendly and perfectly appropriate ad? By sharing it as widely as possible — and by encouraging your Bay Area friends to volunteer for the Folsom Street Fair and designate The GLBT Historical Society as their charity. Here’s where to sign up:


This is not the first time Facebook has blindly censored innocuous LGBT content.

Since its inception the Folsom Street Fair has raised and donated over 6 million dollars to charities.  The Folsom Street Fair organization also now donates three times as much to LGBT charities than SF Gay Pride does.

Read the history of The Folsom Street Fair HERE 


5 thoughts on “Facebook Censors San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society Over Folsom Street Fair Ad

  1. Facebook has done another run to the far right. So the “PC” police and their “Sweet Polly Purebread” cookie cutter kids will not be exposed to hairy chests. I think the organizers of Folsom Fair should organize an Anita Bryant type boycott of the Facebook advertisers. When the Orange Growers saw their sales in Orange Juice drop so dramatically. They did not renew Ms. Bryant’s contract. Where is she now?

    Note to the advertising exec that denied the ad. I would practice asking ” Do you want fries with your order?”

  2. I am wondering,based on some of the past actions of Facebook. If Mr Zuckerberg and staff are not bowing to outside influences. Rather than uphold the concepts outlined in the “Bill of Rights”. They are running to the middle so that they ensure the bottom line. Time and time again we have seen corporate decisions being effected by extreme christian groups and the “PC” police. Corporations using their pocketbook to control and influence what they deem is acceptable for the public to see,read or hear. Just to ensure they do not have these groups flooding their websites with their rhetoric of “hate”. It is time for these companies to stop bowing to “stupid”.

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