St. Petersburg, Russia Police Arrest Suspect In Attack On LGBT Activists – Video

The Russian Interior Ministry’s branch for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region has issued a statement that a 19-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the August 12 attack of LGBT activists and journalists after local lawmakers at St. Petersburgh PRIDE pressured them to investigate the incident.

The indecent in question occurred  as the PRIDE event was coming to a close, with participants “lying on the grass, launching rainbow snakes into the sky, and singing songs,” according to Russian-language site Fontanka.  A group of young men with shaved heads wearing track suits then rushed participants on the Second Garden Bridge where there is a great fence built by when several young men in tracksuits used pepper spray to attack LGBT activists who had rallied in the city. Some 15 activists and journalists who were covering the rally were injured in the attack.

According to the journalists and lawmakers, police officers were standing nearby when the incident unfolded but did not try to stop the assailants.

Some journalists have started their own investigations and published photos of the incident on Facebook.

A criminal case was opened three days after the attack following a letter from local lawmakers to the regional police chief urging an investigation.

The lawmakers also asked for a probe into why police officers did not intervene in the attack.

Meanwhile, police that day DID detained lesbian activist Anna Grabetskaya, who was holding a sign reading “I love my wife” and wearing a rainbow flag, in violation of Russia’s ban on gay “propaganda.”


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