Protesters Destroy Confederate Solider Statue In Durham, North Carolina – Video

Protesters climbed a ladder, looped a rope around a Confederate statue and pulled it to the ground, smashing it, during an ‘Emergency Durham Protest’ on Main Street on Monday night.

More than 100 activists from anti-fascist and progressive groups, many who traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, held the rally to demand the removal of the soldier statue in front of the old Durham County Courthouse and all Confederate statues in the state “so that no more innocent people have to be killed,” organizers said in a release.

As the statue of the soldier holding a muzzle-loading rifle and carrying a bedroll and a canteen came to the ground, members of the Durham County Sheriff’s Office videotaped the rally. – The Durham Herald-Sun

The late Robin Williams once said, on seeing Monument Ave. in Richmond, VA “I’ve never seen so many second place trophies.”



1 thought on “Protesters Destroy Confederate Solider Statue In Durham, North Carolina – Video

  1. I have a serious problem with all of this. First of all ,do these people think by tearing down these statues they can rewrite history? These were brave men that served in the Confederacy. A majority when you read their memoirs and diaries were not fighting to preserve the institution of slavery. They were fighting for the sovereignty of the individual states. To govern what went on in the state. The majority of the soldiers in the confederacy were not slave holders. The officers in the confederate army most had brilliant careers in the Union army. Robert E Lee lead the forces at Harper’s Ferry to retake the arsenal there. I am sorry if people will get upset by this post but all these protests. All the removals of flags. Will not change anything. This was a terrible time in the history of our country. The men fighting on both sides fought and died for what they believed in. Next are they going to dig up the dead and remove their grave stones?

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