Bruce Jenner Apologizes for Wearing Trump’s “MAGA” Cap. “It was an accident”

Will Kohler

Will Kohler is a noted LGBT historian, writer, blogger and owner of A longtime gay activist, Will fought on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic with ACT-UP and continues fighting today for LGBT acceptance and full equality. Will’s work has been referenced in notable media venues as MSNBC and BBC News, The Washington Post, The Advocate, The Daily Beast, Hollywood Reporter, Raw Story, and The Huffington Post

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12 Responses

  1. Bob Lowe says:

    maybe Brucie

  2. Rebecca Juro says:

    As much as I agree with your feelings about her, misgendering her isn’t the answer. Doing that insults all trans women, not just Caitlyn.

    • Will Kohler says:

      Caitlyn desereves no respect and no support from the LGBT community. This was specifically aimed against her ONLY and it even states that. Perhaps if more ppl in the trans community (other than you because I know you do) would speak out against her this attack on her wouldn’t be needed. But unfortunately you had media whores like Candis Cayne and Jenny Boylan who supportted Caitlyn and tried to make her into a role model despite her blatant disregard for those in out community. This has nothing to do with an attack on the entire trans community and you know that. If anything the trans community should be the ones attacking Jenner and even after all these months there are “crickets”. And just the fact that misgendering and pronoun usage gets a stronger reaction that what she does herself is the true problem. Roy Cohen was gay. And I would never protect him from anything and if I called him an “evil faggot” and said other bad about him would not be a reflection against the entire gay community just him.

      • Rebecca Juro says:

        Again it’s not about your attitude toward her, which I fully agree with, it’s your use of misgendering as a means of expressing that disrespect that I have an issue with. Think about it Will: If it’s ok to misgender Caitlyn or any other trans person you, I, or anyone has a problem with, then it’s ok to misgender all of us as a means of disrespect. You know my feelings about her Will, but no matter how much negative stuff I’ve written about her or how many times I’ve called her out I have never and would never misgender her. To us, it’s much the same as a black person being referred to by a non-black with the N-word. No matter what the context or the reason it’s just wrong. There are plenty of other ways to express your displeasure and disrespect of a trans person without misgendering them, and I, for one. would prefer if you didn’t cross that line. Our opinions and politics are always debatable, but our genders are not.

        • Will Kohler says:

          So if I called her a bitch would I be a misogynist?

          • Rebecca Juro says:

            To some perhaps, but at least it wouldn’t be misgendering her.

          • Will Kohler says:

            Actually Becky at no point in this post do I refer to Jenner a “him/he/male” and do refer to her as “her” so I haven’t really mis-gendered anyone. I just refereed to Jenner by her old name because she doesn’t deserve to be called Caitlyn and be part of our community. And since every Special Snowflake out there says gender is non-bianary and fluid anyway it makes it all a moot point.

          • Rebecca Juro says:

            C’mon Will, I know you know better than that. Referring to her by her deadname is misgendering her by definition. As I said before, her politics absolutely are fair game for debate. Her gender identity is not, and doing so lends your approval to comments such as “Newsflash it’s still a dude!” That’s not right in my book, and I know you know why.

  3. Brian Brinkley says:

    Misgendering, LMAO!! Newsflash it’s still a dude!

  4. Riley says:

    Rebecca, thank you!!! Will, you wanna talk about Caitlyn hurting her own community and then you pull a stunt like that? “Bruce?” Honestly, I was really disgusted to read that. We all know better. We don’t win this war by lowering our selves, we do it by taking the high road. But please ignore the transphobic remarks you wrote in this article, and the way what you said/are suggesting that calling her by her dead name is a suitable reteliation. It’s not, you are setting the movement back.

    • Will Kohler says:

      So sorry Becky and Riley I forgot that the biggest isssue in the LGBT community is me calling Caitlyn by her former male name. And while we are chastising people and talking about setting the movement back allow me to chastise the T community for still protecting her. Case in point the reading that she got at the Trans Chorus event and Caitlyn was STILL being protected. That my dear is a much bigger issue than me calling her by her old name. Work on that one for awhile and get back to me.

  5. Riley says:

    *please DONT ignore

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