Trump Awards Medal of Valor to Married Lesbian After 3 Separate Attacks on the LGBT Community

Welcome to Donald Whatthefuckistan!

Yesterday after 3 separate attacks on America’s LGBT citizens today Donald Trump was  “honored” to bestow the Presidential Medal Of Valor on Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner, the heroic married lesbian who saved the lives of Republican members of Congress.

President Donald Trump has presented the Medal of Valor to five of the first responders injured in a shooting on a congressional baseball practice last month.

The three Alexandria, Virginia police officers and the two U.S. Capitol police officers received a standing ovation when they entered the East Room at the White House on Thursday.

“These officers saved the lives of every innocent person who was on the field that day,” Trump said before presenting the officers’ medals. He praised the officers who sustained injuries as they “raced through the bullets” to take down the gunman. – via NBC

Remember this literally the day after Trump’s Department of Justice said it would be perfectly fine if Ms. Griner’s boss fired her for no other reason than being a lesbian after saving the life of a man who thinks she and her wife deserve no legal rights.

 By the video is “unlisted” by the White House on YouTube and the comments are disabled.


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