Time Capsule From Famous 1980s NYC Club Danceteria Mistaken For WWII Bomb

A device shaped like a World War II-era bomb unearthed by Manhattan construction workers on Wednesday turned out to be a time capsule from a popular 1980s dance club.

The NYPD’s Emergency Services and bomb squad units were called to the scene in Manhattan’s Flatiron District for a “suspicious package.” Construction workers dug up the fake bomb while working at the site.

After a brief evacuation, officials determined the item wasn’t a threat, and the story of how the item ended up there began to surface.

the “bomb” was actually a time capsule that clubgoers and bartenders from Danceteria buried in 1985, the club’s former owner John Argento told the New York Daily News.

He said he bought the item for $200 at an Army Navy store on Canal Street.

“I kind of mentioned it as a joke back then,” Argento told The Daily News. “Someone’s going to dig this up and think it’s an unexploded bomb.”

“We forgot about it and went on to the next party.”

Danceteria operated from 1979 until 1986.


2 thoughts on “Time Capsule From Famous 1980s NYC Club Danceteria Mistaken For WWII Bomb

  1. Another great memory! Danceteria was my favorite club back in the day, and I spent many an amusing and entertaining night there. (Only looking back have I realized what a firetrap it was – omg, the elevator.). I sent this article to the friend that I always went with, jokingly asking if she’d left something behind. She told me that the only thing she ever left there was her dignity. Ah, the old days!

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