HRC Makes Pledge of 26 Million Dollars To Fund Pro-LGBT Candidates in the Midterm Elections

Could it be?  Is the Human Rights Campaign actually doing something?

Perhaps.  But the real question is can they pull it off?  

Personally I’m sure this will be as efficient and effective use of funds as the HRC has a reputation for.

The nation’s largest LGBT organization is setting aside $26 million to fund opposition to President Donald Trump’s agenda, the largest grassroots investment in the group’s 37-year history.

The Human Rights Campaign’s move, which leaders are set to announce Tuesday, signals the group will ramp up spending on grassroots activism even after going all-in with Hillary Clinton in 2016 and coming up short.

Instead of retreating, it plans to boost its spending to help pro-LGBT candidates win at all levels of government and assist rank-and-file activists as they take action to block Trump’s plans. – Time Magazine

According to the HRC  they  plan to send staff and cash to Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—each a state with a top-tier Senate race. 

Look forward to receiving an invitation to make a donation to their next fund raising event soon.

The Human Rights Campaign. Changing the world one black-tie gala at a time.


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