FRC Hate Group Leader Tony PerKKKins Defends Trump Jr: He’s a “Political Novice”. It’s Hillary’s Fault


On the desk of any liberal media outlet, there are two rulebooks: one for Republicans, one for Democrats. If the election coverage didn’t convince you, then Donald Trump’s first seven months ought to.

Despite making good on dozens of campaign promises, the Trump team has faced a lopsided barrage from an unfriendly press since Day One. Dogged by negative press (a record 89 percent of it unfavorable), the 45th president has set new highs for media hostility.

Now, with stories surfacing about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney last year, the far-Left is licking its lips. Most media outlets are attacking the president’s son with the ferocity they refused to show to the Clintons (despite far more dubious interactions with Vladimir Putin’s country).

Desperate to catch the Trump campaign in cahoots with the Russians, they’ve turned Trump Jr.’s search for opposition research into a fantasy of national “treason” (Senator Tim Kaine’s, D-Va. words, not mine)!

Clearly, the media is only seeing what it wants to in regard to this story. It’s unreasonable to think that Donald Trump Jr., who was a political novice working on his dad’s campaign, would respond any differently than he did to this offer of information about Hillary Clinton.

As someone who’s spent a career in politics, I know from experience that there are all kinds of people who offer to hand over incriminating details about the opposition. But getting intel on an opponent isn’t necessarily for the purpose of using it publicly, but rather strategically. Some information is legitimate and helpful — a lot of it is not.

It may not be the “greatest witch hunt in political history,” as President Trump called it, but the media’s double standard is certainly cause for concern.

By all means, let Congress and the media get to the bottom of what, if anything, Russia may have done to influence last year’s elections and what, if anything, Team Trump did to help. But let’s also root out what, if anything, the Clintons did to advance Russia’s strategic position, while feathering their nests.” – Via press release from hate mongering group leader Tony “I never met a Klansman I didn’t blow” Perkins.

Just like the”far-left” media was also out to destroy your buddy novice incestuous child molester Josh Dugger too, Tony?

What do you think?

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