5 thoughts on “Soft Cell’s Marc Almond Reads His Poem “Christopher Street Pier” w/ 1970’s Video Footage

  1. Oh my God! Oh my God! I was on one of those piers during Pride Weekend in 1981. Thirty years ago! I was very young and was visiting with my ex. A friend took us out onto one of the piers and it looked exactly like that video but we saw tons of nude sunbathers. I was shocked! And very excited. There was a small office area on a second floor at the front of the pier near the land end of the pier as you first entered. Our friend Vince took us up some stairs and the sex that was going on was astonishing. Such a shock for a young inexperienced boy. It was amazing, shocking and as you can tell totally memorable. I will save this video. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. Will, do you know the date of this footage as I think I am in one shot?? I so remember traffic on the West Side Highway stopped for blocks if not miles as they gawped and freaked!!!

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