“Christian” Extremist Matt Barber Calls On Trump To Ban “All Open Sexual Deviancy” In The Military


With male-on-male sexual assaults up 33% in the military since the Obama Administration homosexualized the armed forces, barring men in miniskirts should only be the first step. It’s a no-brainer. It protects the privacy rights and safety of all troops. Next step? Prohibit all open sexual deviancy in the ranks of the armed services. The military is no place for extremist San Francisco-style socio-political activism.

Such social engineering destroys national security, troop morale and unit cohesion. It also violates natural law, settled science, and God’s moral law. President Trump did the right thing today by prohibiting those suffering from the gender dysphoria mental disorder. Individuals with other mental disorders and even flat feet cannot serve in the military. It’s a privilege not a right. – Failed boxer, failed insurance agent, ex-Liberty Counsel lawyer and  current extremist right website publisher Matt Barber

Is it “sexually deviant” for a straight man to spend all his waking moments thinking about gay men having sex, or is that just the definition of a closeted gay man?

What do you think?

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