Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Accused of Straightwashing Promo Video

A promotional campaign launched by the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce last week, at the start of Pride Month has come under fire by some in the LGBT community accusing it of straight-washing.

The two-minute advert, “Fall in love with Provincetown” spotlights  the town’s active nightlife.  It shows the candy shops with homemade taffy and highlights the artists who inhabit the small town at the tip of Cape Cod. But there is no mention of mention of the seaport town’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

 “I would have expected that a progressive town in a progressive state would go out of its way to highlight its diversity,” said  Megan Wulff, a frequent Provincetown visitor “I have been vacationing in Provincetown since I was a little girl, and this is the first time I will feel less than welcome there.”

 Candice Collins-Boden, the chamber’s executive director, said the organization didn’t intentionally misrepresent and that there were more videos to come.

We kind of made this video as more of a tease for basically the Fourth of July coming up,” she said. “There was no intention of leaving anybody out. We figured everybody is an American down here, and we are all under that flag.”

Collins-Boden, who has lived in P-town for 40 years, said she was shocked by the negative responses.

The chamber plans to put out a second video this summer with a focus on events like “Bear Week,” the Portuguese Festival, and Carnival, she said.

But many noticed that the video and the absence of the gay community of P-town.  The same community that changed it from a poor sleepy fishing village to the mecca it is today.

“I actually have never spent time in Provincetown. . . . And given the erasure of LGBTQ identities as well as people of color in this video, I don’t think I’m in any rush to do so now,” wrote Mason Dunn on the chambers Facebook page. “Going out of your way to exclude one of P-town’s largest, most well-known demographics, the people who help make the town what it is, is a bad reflection on the chamber.”

You can watch the video below.


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