If Flying Didn’t Suck Enough: Trump Plans To Privatize Air Traffic Control

If Flying Didn't Suck Enough: Trump Plans To Privatize Air Traffic Control


As President Trump and aides brace for congressional testimony this week from ex-FBI Director James Comey, the White House on Monday began a week-long promotion of various infrastructure proposals, starting with a long-shot plan to privatize the nation’s air traffic control system.

Hailing “a great new era in American aviation,” Trump said his plan would reduce the number of flight delays and wait times that cost consumers millions of dollars. “We live in a modern age,” Trump said during a ceremony at White House, “but our air traffic control system is stuck, painfully, in the past.”

While specifics on how to upgrade the nation’s roads and bridges are still being developed, Trump on Monday plans to say he will send Congress a plan put the nation’s air traffic control system in private hands. It calls for creating a private, nonprofit corporation, with airlines contributing fees rather than the taxes they now pay the government to cover the approximately $10 billion annual cost for air-traffic control. via USA Today

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