TARGET Wants Everyone To #TakePride, Pisses Off Bigots Once Again

Via right wingnut website:  World Net Daily

Despite the drastic financial blowback Target Corporation has been weathering since announcing its plan last year to allow men to enter women’s bathroom facilities, the retail giant is continuing full-speed ahead in its pursuit of LGBT social activism, all in the name of “inclusivity.”

For the second year, Target is using a #TakePride hashtag on social media to promote its rainbow-themed online merchandise. The retailer’s “pride” paraphernalia include tee-shirts, swim trunks, flip-flops, headphones, iPhone cases and an assortment of other products emblazoned with LBGT logos.

“Target said it missed its 2016 Incentive EBIT [earnings before interest and taxes] goal of $5.74 billion by $623 million and fell short of its adjusted sales target of $71.62 billion by $2.13 billion,” Reuters reported last week.

In contrast, rival Wal-Mart Stores gave CEO Doug McMillon a 13 percent pay hike, following strong sales performance at the world’s largest retailer. A number of retailers, including Wal-Mart, have policies similar to Target’s, however, they have refrained from publicizing them.

Let’s do some math. Instead of their projected earnings of $5.74 billion, they earned $5.117 billion. And they fell short of their sales goal: instead of $71.62 billion, they ONLY sold $69.49 billion!


Walmart on the other hand lost 42 points on the Dow between 2015 and 2016 and has only recently crawled back to its 2014 per share pricing of 76.2 still far away from its once high of 89.35


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