NBC to End ‘Will & Grace’ With Upcoming 2020 Season

NBC Drops The NEW ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Trailer And It’s A Big Gay Musical [Video]

NBC has released the first trailer for the “Will & Grace” revival on Monday and boy it’s a musical theater queens delight.

The nearly six-minute clip finds Eric McCormack trying to convince a reluctant Debra Messing to revive “Will & Grace” by bringing her to the show’s old set. There, they find Megan Mullally as Karen, who’s apparently been taking a “cat nap” on the apartment couch for the last decade, and Sean Hayes’ Jack who’s showing the space to a studly potential tenant.

Before we know it, Messing launches into a full-blown musical dream sequence to the tune of “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from the musical “Sunset Boulevard.”

Replacing the song’s lyrics with playful jabs at her “Will & Grace” family, like “tightly wound queer”,  “the drunk who’s bi,” and Jack’s line about the now 40-ish something gang.  Messing and the cast come together in song, as they dance, selfie and do their best jazz hands in unison.

Nice to see the gang back.

But what about the first series rather depressingly dull finale?  One can only hope that it will find one of the Will & Grace duo in a shower and it was all a nightmare.

The “Will & Grace” revival premieres  in September on NBC.


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