Family Research Council:  “Don’t Say, Gay, Say Groomer Instead”.

FRC Hate Group and Tony Perkins Pray To Stop Special Rights For Gays And End Their Moral Subversion

FRC Hate Group and Tony Perkins Prat To Stop Special Rights For Gays And End Their Moral Subversion

Lord, Obergefell v. Hodges was an assault upon Your institution of marriage, the cornerstone of society. The effort to mainstream transgenderism is an assault on You as Creator and the heart of Your created order. Please help us to prevent the conferring of special rights and privileges for those who embrace aberrant sexual identities, and those who seek to re-engineer American society and law to require god-fearing Americans to submit to such moral subversion. Please stop parent’s rights from being violated, the massive confusion of our youth and the effort to capture their souls. Intervene to waken us, our pastors, churches, families, neighbors, and friends to engage in this fight and win it! – Family Research Council Prayer of the Day.

And if that is not bad (and stupid) the KKK affiliated Perkins later sent out a paranoid money beg email:

The Left is pulling out the stops to destroy President Trump and to stop conservatives any way they can.

Here are five ways the “Progressives” have intensified the war on your values and freedoms:

1) Igniting an explosion of propaganda sold to Americans as “news.” The mainstream media are overwhelmingly committed to undermining President Trump and the conservative cause. We now know that many supposedly nonpartisan journalists were heavily — even financially — committed to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president.

2) Destroying public trust and spreading confusion. The media are hard at work in supporting the leftist agitators by spewing “fake news” and sounding the alarm about nonexistent crises virtually every day — dutifully affirmed and repeated by liberals in Congress and statehouses across the nation — all designed to deceive the American people.

3) Unleashing lawless radicals in the streets and town meetings. It’s now evident that Barack Obama is behind the mobilization of tens of thousands of radical agitators to shout down conservative members of Congress when they hold town meetings back in their districts and states.

4) Maintaining a shadow government working against the American government. Obama appointees who are still serving as unelected bureaucrats inside the federal government are now working against the Trump White House, essentially operating as a sort of “shadow government” from within the government itself. A torrent of suspicious leaks, some of them endangering our national security, as well as several other outrages, have made it painfully clear that enemies of America are at work inside the federal bureaucracy.

5) Coordinating and unifying the falsehood and disruption. The Left is obviously unified in its anti-Trump messaging, and its attacks are clearly coordinated across the entire spectrum of liberal media platforms and organizations.

While the Left threatens with a new level of agitation, I am encouraged. We have already made remarkable progress, and looking ahead, we have a golden opportunity to make even greater progress. Your support for FRC Action has enabled us to establish good, strong relationships on Capitol Hill and inside the administration.

As you read these words, multiple strategies are moving forward:

  • We’re working faithfully with conservatives on the Hill to craft and pass crucial pro-family legislation.
  • We’re working to see the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed to spare countless babies from an agonizing death by abortion.
  • We’re working with the Trump administration to unravel and reverse a whole host of extremely damaging executive orders issued by President Obama before he left office.
  • We’re working to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • We’re working toward repeal of the oppressive Johnson Amendment, the utterly unconstitutional law that muzzles the free speech of pastors and others doing faith-based work through churches and nonprofit organizations.
  • We’re just months away from implementing our plan to build upon the base of conservatives in Congress for the 2018 election.

And there’s much more, of course. But here is the bottom line: For the first time in eight long years, we are not obligated to play defense. We can get a terrific array of positive things accomplished — if we are willing to do the enormous amount of work that it’s going to require.

But our success will depend on the generosity of committed conservatives like you. So I ask you to give a generous contribution today to keep our work going strong.

All that hate … and one cracked pot to store it in.


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