TROG Was NOT Joan Crawford’s Final Acting Appearance, THIS WAS: The Sixth Sense (1972) – Full Video

According to Joan Crawford’s  IMDb page, her last on-screen performance was not TROG but rather a guest spot in the TV series The Sixth Sense in 1972. She portrayed a woman named Joan (how appropriate) in the episode, “Dear Joan: We’re Going to Scare You to Death.”

In a departure from the standard format of the show The Sixth Sense had Gary Collins who acted as host for the episode, interviewing Joan before and after the story. Joan Fairchild (Crawford) has an automobile accident at night outside an imposing old house. The people gathered there are kind enough to give her shelter until her car can be rescued and fixed, however, they have ulterior motives when they sense that Joan is psychically receptive. They intend to use her as a guinea pig for their experiments in extra sensory torture. Will she be able to resist the messages they send to torment her?

Or will she just kick back with a Vodka & Pepsi?

Find out below.

Mamacita!  Get the popcorn.


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