Immigration Activists Trans Queer Pueblo Hijacks Phoenix Pride Parade [Video]

Immigration Activists Trans Queer Pueblo Hijacks Phoenix Pride Parade [Video]


Phoenix New Times reports:

For a few brief moments this Sunday, activists from Trans Queer Pueblo shut down the Phoenix Pride Parade, unfurling a giant banner that read, “No Justice, No Pride.” As Trans Queer Pueblo explained to New Times on Friday, their message was a simple one: They want Pride to be inclusive and stand up for the rights of LGBT undocumented immigrants.

That means getting rid of the police float, refusing corporate sponsorships from banks that have funded immigration detention centers, and using the group’s political influence to lobby against laws that predominantly affect LGBT people of color.

Reaction to the protest was over-overwhelmingly negative with minor confrontations and chants of “Get out of our Pride” and “Go home.” Groups of bystanders booed as the protesters began marching down the parade route.

Phoenix Pride organizers state that they have every desire to meet with the activists. But they didn’t receive the group’s demands until Thursday evening, just hours before Pride festivities officially kicked off. They said this was too late for any practical solutions to be discussed.

In a statement to the Phoenix New Times, Justin Owen, executive director of Phoenix Pride, said, “We are aware that there are still many causes that need attention, and we always stand willing to work with members of our community to end oppression and injustice of any kind of and against any individual or group.”

Hijacking a Pride event to suit your own needs is an ultimately self-destructive tactic. All it does is anger many who could possibly be an ally in the future, and if that is your goal, it is truly self defeating.  And while I am ashamed of some of the pride attendees behavior, it shows that protesting your own NEVER works.  

Perhaps protesting a bigger issue other than a Police float might be in order.  Like perhaps maybe fighting for better immigration laws and full LGBT civil rights?

Stonewall was a riot.  But we fought against our real enemy not our own.

Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Immigration Activists Trans Queer Pueblo Hijacks Phoenix Pride Parade [Video]

  1. What’s worrying is that these protestors are guaranteed to be transtrenders, non-binary, gender queer youth. In essence, they’re attention-seeking straight kids whose goal might be to shake things up but whose end game is that they’re causing actual fragmentation in OUR community, which they’ll grow out of soon enough, and whose antics are actually chiselling off the T from LGBT. The Riley J. Dennises and Milo Stewarts of the world need to fuck off and join Greenpeace, which is how people in the past left their mark on the world.

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