Delta Passenger Calls Cops on Gay Rap Singer Mykki Blanco Just for Sitting Next To Him

Gay rap and performance artist Mykki Blanco got a rude awakening (literally) on a Delta flight Friday from Toronto to Detroit after a passenger complained he was “not comfortable” sitting next to Blanco—who was asleep.

When Blanco awakened he was subjected to an investigation by the police and the threat of an FBI report being filed.

“I just took a flight from Toronto to Detroit Michigan and when I woke up the gentlemen sitting next to me had the policed called,” he said in a tweeted Friday night.  “He said that he was not comfortable and did not know how Delta allowed ‘someone like me’ to board the plane with him and sit next to him,” Mykki explained 

Blanco is currently touring the U.S. with rapper Cakes Da Killa

Delta has not released any information from the investigation of the incident as of yet.

Delta Passenger Calls Cops on Gay Singer Mykki Blanco Just for Sitting To Him

3 thoughts on “Delta Passenger Calls Cops on Gay Rap Singer Mykki Blanco Just for Sitting Next To Him

  1. With all the hate coming out of the White House, this is the new normal … President Birther has given a platform to this sort of reckless homophobia … it is now un- checked and flowing freely

  2. I have been trying to find out more information on this all I keep coming up with is a copy of the tweets he sent. No incident report from TSA. No incident report from the Detroit PD. So so far all we have is half a story. I know it is wishful thinking that the LGBT Media would not succumb to the trash journalism of the tabloids. No investigation,rumor and innuendo the rule. Damned the facts just grab and titillate the readers.

    delta has had problems with the LGBT community in the past. Do we know this is not a drama queen promoting his newest tracks? Not with the information we are presented here and on other sites.Guess the 5 “W”‘s of proper journalism are dead.

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