Is Donald Trump About To Sign An Anti-LGBT Executive Order? Prepare Yourselves.

Is Donald Trump About To Sign An Anti-LGBT Executive Order?  Prepare Yourselves.

Via John Aravosis of AmericaBlog:

Donald Trump is reportedly on the verge of signing a sweeping anti-LGBT executive order, that would permit discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the federal government and beyond. And it is time to stand up to Trump’s bigotry and intolerance once again.

Trump’s homophobic executive order comes on the heels of another un-American executive order signed this past Friday, banning Muslims from a number of Middle Eastern and north African countries. Trump inappropriately chose Holocaust Remembrance Day to launch this bigoted policy.

The new anti-LGBT executive order is expected to be wrapped in the fake language of “religious liberty,” a typical ploy the religious right and other homophobes use to bash LGBT people.

When the White House was asked today (Monday, January 30) about the executive order by gay journalist Chris Johnson, spokesman Sean Spicer refused to deny the rumors.

From one of my sources:

From what we’ve heard, the executive order could be far-reaching, and could include: making taxpayer funds available for discrimination against LGBT people in social services; allow federally funded adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT parents; eliminate non-discrimination protections in order to make it possible to fire federal employers and contractors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity; and allow federal employees to refuse to serve people based on the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that gender is an immutable characteristic set at birth, which would impact a broad range of federal benefits.

The order is expected to come in the packaging of so-called “religious freedom,” which argues that someone’s religious beliefs should be enough to prevent them from having to provide goods and services to members of the LGBT community if doing so would conflict with said beliefs.

f this is true we will have a major fight on our hands and I do mean OUR hands.


The silence from the Human Rights Campaign since Trump’s election as president has been deafening. It is well past time that selfish arguments be set aside about minor issues.

Get ready to FIGHT!

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