The Borscht Thickens: Former Brit MI6 Agent Prepared Trump Blackmail Dossier, John McCain Involved

Christopher Steele, a former British MI6 intelligence officer, has been identified in reports as the author of a dossier that claims Russia collated a file of compromising (ie Russian hookers and pee) information on Donald Trump.

 Rohit Kachroo, security editor for NBC News British partner ITV News, reported that Steele, a former officer with MI6 who was posted to Moscow in 1990. The memo was originally generated on behalf of Republican party opponents of Trumps.

 A two-page summary of the 35-page memo was included in supporting material prepared for the officials who briefed President-elect Trump on Friday about a U.S. intelligence report on Russia’s interference in the U.S. presidential elections, according to multiple officials. However, Trump was not orally briefed on the two-page “annex” outlining the allegations about him, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official with the knowledge of the preparation of the briefing. Trump said he learned the gist of the summary “outside that meeting.”

The two-page summary about the “unsubstantiated” material, o so they say was made available to the briefers to provide context for Trump should they want to draw a distinction for Trump between analyzed intelligence and unvetted “disinformation,” according to the official. The briefers also had available to them unvetted “disinformation” about the Clinton Foundation, though that was not briefed to Trump either.

The existence of the two-page synopsis was first reported by CNN yesterday afternoon. Their decision to report on the synopsis, as well as the publication of the complete 35-page memo by BuzzFeed, was harshly criticized by Trump.

The memo, which suggested that Trump could be blackmailed by Russian intelligence, was circulated among Trump opponents over the summer long before the election and was eventually passed to the FBI.

Republican Senator John McCain admitted that he also passed the memorandum to the FBI


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