DEADBEATS: The GOP Cheats NYC Out Of $28M After Sending Only $7M To Cover Trump’s NYC Security


DNA Info reports:

He’s not taking no for an answer. Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed Wednesday to fight Congress’ refusal to reimburse the full $35 million the NYPD is spending to protect President-elect Donald Trump and his family through the Jan. 20 inauguration — saying the paltry $7 million offered is insufficient.

“I’m disappointed. I think they should have done better by New York City but this ain’t over,” de Blasio said on the Brian Lehrer Show Wednesday. “There’s plenty of time for us to recoup the money we deserve.”

A Republican-led panel added only $7 million to a short term funding bill to reimburse New York City for its costs on Tuesday. That would only cover 14 days of protection at Trump Tower at the current cost of approximately $473,000 per day.

Congress’ decision drew immediate rebuke from New York City lawmakers. “I am extremely disappointed that the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government does not fully reimburse the people of New York for the unprecedented security costs incurred to keep the President-elect and his family safe between the election and his inauguration,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a statement on behalf of the New York City congressional delegation.

The GOP Congress won’t pay the full bill? The answer is simple. PULL TRUMP’S SECURITY PROTECTION!

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