UPDATE: CINDY BRADY GOT THE BOOT – Susan Olsen Goes Off On Hate Speech Filled Homophobic Rant On Facebook At Gay Actor

On Monday night openly gay actor, writer, producer Leon Acord-Whiting of  hit web-series Old Dogs & New Tricks  was a guest on the LA Talk Radio show; Two Chicks Talking Politics co-hosted by former child actress Susan Olsen of the the Brady Bunch.  Ms. Olsen a die hard Republican and Trump supporter and Mr. Acord did not exactly see eye to eye on many issues as Olsen spewed right wing lie and propaganda such as that you can’t be a patriot if you’re liberal, that there hasn’t been a surge in anti-gay and racial hate crimes and if there is, its Hillary’s fault. Olson also said that Hillary needs to tell people to stop protesting and on and on.

The next day said Acord “ I posted on my Facebook page that I felt dirty and guilty for normalizing her hateful rhetoric, and that LA Talk Radio should remove her from the air.



Olsen who saw the post then went off on an unhinged hate speech filled rant against Acord   One so profanity laden and filed with anti-gay slurs if Alice was alive today she would have smacked the shit out of her and made her eat a bar of soap.






In 2013 shortly the passage of same sex marriage Olsen posted this latter on her Facebook page where she voices her support for marriage equality and laid homage to her onscreen television father Robert Reed who was gay.
 “As a child, I was BLESSED to have another father figure in my life. He did not replace my own beloved, Norwegian version of Jed Clampett, nor would he have wanted to. He simply harmonized with all of my family values and brought his own heart to our table,” the former child star writes of Reed, who died in 1992 after a six-month battle with colon cancer. (The actor was also HIV positive, which his doctor listed as a “significant condition contributing to death.”) Calling him a “true king among men,” Olsen goes on to note the immense impact Reed had on her life. “This tempetuous actor who bottle fed puppies when he wasn’t quarreling with the heads of networks shaped my heart as much as my biological parents did,” she writes. “So I really can honestly say, ‘My dad was gay.'”

That is until Robert Reed said something that she didn’t like. Than Olsen probably called him a “fucking faggot”and stomped off with her Kitty Carryall cursing like a trucker under her breath.

Please contact LA Talk Radio at 818-351-3509 info@latalkradio.com and join us in denouncing homophobia, hate & intolerance and to get Susan Olson off the air.

You can listen to the broadcast in question by CLICKING HERE   It has been reported that Mr. Olsen has already edited the tape for content.

Susan Olsen would not respond to Back2Stonewall.com with a statement.

*UPDATE 4:15:  Mike and Corol took Cindy to the woodshed.  LA Talk Radio has fired her hateful has-been ass. 




3 thoughts on “UPDATE: CINDY BRADY GOT THE BOOT – Susan Olsen Goes Off On Hate Speech Filled Homophobic Rant On Facebook At Gay Actor

  1. Wow, what a rotten human being. So these are the kind of people that are going to make America great again?! I can’t believe someone so tactless and crass has any kind of following. She’s got some serious mental issues. Pathetic.

  2. I wonder what kind of comments she’s made about the late Robert Reed considering how easily she threw the F bomb around.

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