UPDATE: Trump Demands Apology After VP-elect Mike Pence Booed at Broadway Hamilton Performance. Cast Addresses Him After Show. Pence Walks Out On Them- Videos

VP-Elect Mike Pence Booed at Broadway Hamilton Performance, Cast Addresses Him After Show - Videos

VP-Elect Pence was loudly booed as he entered the theater of the musical Hamilton on Broadway Friday night., and audience members said the performance was repeatedly stopped because of jeers aimed at him.

After the show, Brandon Dixon a cast member thanked Mr Pence for attending and read a letter to him on stage.

When Mr Dixon addressed theatregoers at the end, he urged them not to boo and asked Mr Pence, who was leaving, to stay and listen.

“You know, we had a guest in the audience this evening, and Vice-President-elect Pence, I see you are walking out but I hope you will hear us.

“There’s nothing to boo here, ladies and gentlemen… We have a message for you, sir, and we hope you will hear us out.”

“We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us,” Brandon Dixon said.

Dixon continued: “We truly hope that his show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.

“We truly thank you for sharing this wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colors, creeds, and orientations.”

The message was reportedly penned by the show’s writers when they learned that Mr Pence planned to attend.

Dixon’s reading was greeted with cheers from the audience at the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York.


An audience member tweeted to say there was a three-minute standing ovation when one character performed a song directly to Mr Pence which included the lyrics:

“A small query for you / What comes next? / You’ve been freed / Do you know how hard it is to lead?”

End scene – Curtain.

UPDATE:  Sources tell Back2Stonewall that Pence walked out while the cast was adressing him. 

UPDATE #2#SpecialSnowflake Donald Trump demands apology from Hamilton cast for Pence and wants “Safe Space” #ImDyingHere



Source: BBC

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