Trump’s AmeriKKKa – Gay Man Injured After Package Bomb Explodes, Police Cite Possible Hate Crime – Video


CBS News reports:

City police are investigating some type of an explosion in Center City that left a man injured on Tuesday morning. Police confirm they were investigating a suspicious package on Pine Street when the explosion occurred, reports CBS Philadelphia. Philly police officials tell CBS News the explosion was caused by some kind of device that the victim activated, and it came in a manila envelope. Police are talking to the victim and his partner and looking at everything, including the possibility of this being a hate crime. Officials tell CBS News they do not believe this is related to terrorism.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the victim appeared to be the intended target. Ross said the bomb squad described the explosive as a “victim activated device” that was sent specifically to the 60-year-old man, who triggered it when he opened the package in his home

Neighbors and a law enforcement source identified the victim as Jim Alden, who lives in the front, ground floor apartment in the building. Ross did not know specifically what the explosive was made from, but said it caused injuries to the victim’s face, chest, and hands, and is reported to be in stable condition at Jefferson University Hospital.

Police believe the package was not sent through the mail because the bar code on it was old, they believe the package could have been delivered over the weekend, but the victim did not open it until overnight Tuesday.

Hours after the explosion, investigators remained at the townhouse, which has a rainbow “Love Trumps Hate” sign in the front window.

Excuse me Philadelphia P.D. Hate crimes ARE terrorism.


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