Trump Pulls Out Rainbow Flag At Rally In Colorado

Trump Pulls Out Rainbow Flag At Rally In Colorado

Yesterday at his rally in Greeley, CO despite the fact that has vowed to enable the overturn of same-sex marriage and has promised to support the legalization of anti-LGBT discrimination by businesses Donald Trump had the nerve to pull out a rainbow flag and hold it in front of him. Upside down and messy. Which pretty much sums up both Trump’s support for LGBT people and LGBT peoples’ support for Trump.

Via the Denver Channel:

For the second day in a row, Donald Trump rallied Colorado voters just nine days before the November General Election on Nov. 8. The republican nominee spent Saturday in battleground Jefferson County and held another rally on the UNC campus in Greeley on Sunday.

Greeley, which is located in Weld County, is a traditionally Republican county. Trump took the stage in Greeley holding a rainbow LGBTQ flag from one his supporters. He then hinted at possible voter fraud in Colorado. “Do you think those ballots are properly counted?” Trump asked the crowd who yelled back, “No!”

Awww, look what Milo made for Daddy.

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