LGBTQIAPDexpialidocious! – GLAAD Makes The Decision All By Itself That We Will Now Be Known As LGBTQ

LGBTQIAPDexpialidocious! - GLAAD Makes The Decision All By Itself That We Will Now Be Known As LGBTQ


GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation  (Remember them?  I know it’s hard they don’t do much these days.)  is releasing the tenth edition of its style guide, an utterly PC language bible for LGBT “journalists”  is now asking that all major media outlets to use LGBTQ from now on. The “q” by the way stands for queer, not questioning.

“On one level, it is just adding another letter,” says Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD’s president and CEO. “But really it is bringing a whole new definition to the way we describe ourselves. It’s the start of a bigger shift.”

Other changes to GLAAD’s style guide includes the more open-ended label “bi+.” There are inaugural glossary definitions for “intersex” and “asexual”  and will find the descriptor “non-binary” alongside the explanation of what it means to be “genderqueer.”

Gay activist  Vito Russo’s concern over how LGBT people were presented in the popular media led him to co-found the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which is supposed to be a watchdog group that monitors LGBT representation in the mainstream media not oversee  acronyms.  In 2016 while we still have major problems with gay, lesbian,bisexual and transgender  representation in mainstream movies, television, literature and we are constantly fighting the #KillYourGays meme one would think that GLAAD might have better things to do like follow its original mission statement and stop making poor Vito rol in his grave.

 But since GLAAD waisted do much and money on their “stylebook” perhaps GLAAD should lead by example and change their name to the LGB+TQQIA-AAD.

Until then GLAAD can stick their elongated useless acronyms up their Funk & Wagnalls.

One thought on “LGBTQIAPDexpialidocious! – GLAAD Makes The Decision All By Itself That We Will Now Be Known As LGBTQ

  1. “LGBT” is every bit as lacking in legitimacy as “LGBTQ.” There was no open, honest debate about fundamentally redefining the gay rights movement to include a group of mostly non-gay people, with discrete issues that have nothing to do with LGB people. It was imposed. I am sorry to see “LGBT” used even on this blog. If you use that, you can hardly complain about more letters being tacked on.

    GLAAD is nearly completely useless. When it was formed in 1986-7, it was a really creative, proactive group, focused squarely on its mission, which was to combat anti-gay defamation. Today, it is totally taken over by transgender activists and rarely focuses on anti-gay defamation. If there is a homophobic skit on SNL or an anti-gay reality show like “My Husband’s Not Gay,” GLAAD does nothing. For the last few years, its finances have been imploding as it seemed that donors realized that the group is useless. Each year, it drew down on its assets and its future looked grim. However, in its most recent filing, it mysteriously managed to boost its revenue so as to hold steady. Did they tap into a one-off cash infusion or have they truly stabilized? It’s unclear, but their next IRS filing may shed some light what is happening.

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