EXCLUSIVE! – Cincinnati, Ohio Trump Rally Gay Couple Identities Discovered: Meet Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

Cincinnati, Ohio Trump Rally Gay Couple Identities Discovered: Meet Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

The identities of the Trump loving gay couple who made nationwide news for their interview at the Cincinnati, Ohio Donald Trump Rally on Friday have been discovered thanks to an anonymous source who contacted Back2Stonewall.com.

The couples names are Dewey Lainhart  and Cody Moore of Middleton and Kettering, Ohio.  

Not much is known about the couple except that they were engaged on October 7th. and are both are die hard Donald Trump supporters. (And out of their ever loving gay little minds)

Feel free to stop by and congratulate them on their engagement on their Facebook pages below. Or talk about you know how Trump being elected would null their engagement, take way their civil rights, and make them more of second class citizens then they already are. In a CIVIL conversation of course.

Facebook:  Dewey Lainhart

Facebook:  Cody Moore


15 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE! – Cincinnati, Ohio Trump Rally Gay Couple Identities Discovered: Meet Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

    1. If you are going to speak out on video to a Wall Street journalist of all people and make a point for a controversial candidate you should be brave enough to identify yourself and deal with other poeoples point of view on the subject.

      1. We can read the context you sick bastard. You put two people’s identities online so people can harass them. You’re an asshole that’s mccarthyism.

  1. This is like once you go in the witness box you are fair game to be cross examined. Also my thought initially was are these people real or paid actors, so to know they are real makes them all the more weird. Imagine the 6′ clearance they will get when they dance at a club.

  2. Him working in the steel industry would make you think he would know Trumps hotel that Trump built here in Vegas is made from Steel that he purchased from China. Same place he had his line of neck ties and dress shirts and clotyhiunbg made. Great way to keep jobs in America. .

  3. The Pussy Fuck Tarred that wrote this article to OUT people for different beliefs is a fucking Joke. Doesn’t matter if they were out or in the closet. The Big Names that back him, the credited names they hold nor his history/background holds any mean to this fucking hypocrite bully. This moron is a little bitch casting judgement and ridiculing peers. Why try hurt others for your own personal pleasure, oh wait Must be Little Dick Syndrome.

  4. I was a fan of this site, but this makes my blood boil. You wanted people to go and harass them. And I saw your quote to the WSJ today, “Well, golly it sure is unfortunate that people harassed them, but some might think it hateful that they support Trump.” You vile fool, they have a fundamental right to support their political candidate. You can “consider” that hateful all you like. It does NOT excuse directing death threats at them. For you to equate the support of a candidate with the making of criminal threats shows a serious moral deficiency on your part.

    You also seem incapable of engaging with people civilly to explain to these young gay men why they should cast their vote differently. I am not Trump supporter, but I am proud of these men for thinking independently and coming to their own conclusions. I would never subject them to insults and threats. So disappointed in you.

  5. they better hurry up and get married then- the votes they’re planning to cast would not allow them to get married!

    1. Thats a lie, Trump said Gay Marriage is settled law and had no intention of getting involved to get it struck down. Funny how so many in this thread eat up every word from CNN,MSNBC and the Huffington Post,get out of the braiwashing business, Quickly, Quickly! #FakeNews

  6. I just saw this and it proves that OUR gay community needs to grow the hell up. If these boys support Trump stop being so hysterical and get an education from somebody other than Rachel Maddow. The snottiness of liberals is one reason that Trump gained in popularity in this country. Stop feeding it.

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